Mangalore Kashaya | Traditional Ayurvedic Drink | 100 gms

Mangalore Kashaya | Traditional Ayurvedic Drink | 100 gms

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Ancient Wellness in Every Sip: Havis Foods presents the Mangalore Kashaya, an embodiment of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom. This revered drink, often described as "the food of gods," is a testament to centuries-old wellness practices. Crafted from a 200-year-old family recipe, each ingredient in this kashaya is chosen for its potent antioxidant properties, offering a rare treat to those who seek to improve their overall immunity.

Natural Immunity and Detox: Ideal for enhancing overall immunity, the Mangalore Kashaya is more than a beverage; it's a daily ritual for health and vitality. This unique blend combines coriander seeds, black pepper, cumin, and fennel seeds with the power of ashwagandha, pippali, and ginger powder. Together, these ingredients work synergistically to bolster the immune system and act as a natural detox for the body, making it a perfect choice for those looking to nurture their health holistically.

A Legacy of Health: Embrace the legacy of Ayurveda with Havis Foods' Mangalore Kashaya. This drink is not just a blend of natural ingredients; it's a 200-year-old legacy of health passed down through generations. Each sip is infused with the knowledge and benefits of Ayurvedic practices, making it a holistic health experience that goes beyond mere refreshment.

Brand Name: Havis Foods

Product Detail: Mangalore Kashaya from Havis Foods is a traditional Ayurvedic drink, crafted from an ancient recipe for immunity boosting and body detoxification.

Benefits: Enhances overall immunity. Acts as a natural detox for the body. Made from a 200-year-old Ayurvedic recipe. Rich in natural antioxidants. Contains a blend of Ayurvedic herbs for holistic wellness.

Ingredient: Coriander Seeds, Black Pepper, Cumin, Fennel Seeds, Ashwagandha, Pippali, Ginger Powder, Palm Jaggery

Shelf Life: 3 months

Your package preparation time: 2 days

Package Disposal: Reuse the bottle OR Wash, Dry the bottle and dispose with Dry waste to increase the chance of recycling

How to Use:
Mix a teaspoon of Kashaya powder in hot water.
Steep for a few minutes, strain, and enjoy.
Can be sweetened with jaggery if desired.
Drink regularly for best health benefits.

Product Care: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the package sealed to maintain freshness.

Origin: India [Bangalore]

Packer Detail: Havis Foods [ 598,6th cross, Gruhalakshmi layout, Near Hemanth Provision Store, Nagasandra post, Bangalore - 560073, Karnataka, IN]

Manufacturer Detail: Havis Foods [ #598, 6th cross, Gruhalakshmi Layout, Nagasandra post, Bangalore-560073, Karnataka, IN]

Weight: 100 g

Return Policy: Non-Returnable