Sukalam Organic Jaggery Powder | Rich in Minerals

Sukalam Organic Jaggery Powder | Rich in Minerals

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Tradition of Sweetness

Dive into the sweetness of tradition with Sukalam Farms 100% Natural Jaggery Powder. Crafted with love and care from our ancestral farm in Yalanadu, our jaggery powder is more than just a sweetener. It's a testament to our commitment to purity, quality, and the farm-to-table concept. Made from superior quality sugarcane and prepared in an iron kadai over firewood, our jaggery powder brings a wholesome and natural sweetness to your table.

A Healthful Delight
Sukalam's Jaggery Powder is not just sweet; it's packed with health benefits. Rich in minerals, antioxidants, and potassium, it's a natural way to boost your health, cleanse your body, and maintain electrolyte balance. Perfect for active lifestyles, it supports digestion, aids in gut health, and provides a steady release of energy throughout the day. Make the switch to a healthier, more natural sweetener with Sukalam.

Versatile and Pure
Our handmade jaggery powder is the perfect substitute for refined sugar. Whether you're sweetening your morning tea, baking delicious treats, or concocting traditional sweets, Sukalam's jaggery powder adds a rich, natural flavor that enhances every dish. Embrace the purity and taste of organic jaggery powder in your kitchen.

Brand Name: Sukalam

Product Detail: Sukalam Farms brings you the pure, natural sweetness of 100% Natural Jaggery Powder. Handcrafted with care from premium sugarcane, our jaggery powder is a healthier, tastier alternative to refined sugar, perfect for enhancing your dishes.

Rich in minerals and antioxidants for overall health.
Cleanses blood and lungs, removing impurities.
Aids in maintaining electrolyte balance and active lifestyle support.
Supports digestion and gut health.
Provides steady energy release, ideal for daily consumption.

Ingredient: Native SugarCane.

Shelf Life: Best to use it 12 months from the date of packaging.

Your package preparation time: 2 days

Package Disposal: Wash and dry the bottle. Reuse at best. Otherwise, dispose with Dry waste to increase the chance of recycling.

How to Use: Use Sukalam's Jaggery Powder as a natural sweetener in milk, cereal, sweets, baking, and more. It's a versatile ingredient that can replace refined sugar in any recipe.

Product Care: Store in a dry place away from direct heat and light to maintain its natural goodness.

Origin: India [Tumkur]

Packer Detail: Sukalam [ No.74, Haleyalanadu, Hosayalanadu Post, Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurga – 577598, Karnataka, IN ]

Manufacturer Detail: Sukalam [ No.74, Haleyalanadu, Hosayalanadu Post, Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurga – 577598, Karnataka, IN ]


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