Citrus Floor & Multi-Surface Cleaner | Eco-Friendly | 500ml

Citrus Floor & Multi-Surface Cleaner | Eco-Friendly | 500ml

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution: Mother Nature Products presents the Citrus Floor & Multi-Surface Cleaner, a revolutionary cleaning solution crafted from bio-enzymes. Made using citrus peel, jaggery, and soap nuts through an extensive fermentation process, this cleaner is a testament to eco-conscious cleaning.

Safe and Effective: Prioritizing your family's safety, this cleaner is 100% chemical-free, making it safe for use around kids and pets. With a proven efficacy rate of 99.9%, it ensures a clean and hygienic environment without compromising on health.

Versatile and Multi-Functional: Not just for floors, this cleaner serves as a natural insect repellent and disinfectant. It can also be used as a natural pesticide and fertilizer for plants in a diluted form, showcasing its versatility and alignment with nature's principles.

Brand Name: Mother Nature Products

Product Detail: The Citrus Floor & Multi-Surface Cleaner from Mother Nature Products is an all-natural, safe, and effective solution for keeping your home clean and fresh, suitable for a variety of surfaces.

100% chemical-free and eco-friendly.
Safe for use around children and pets.
Effective cleaning with a 99.9% efficacy rate.
Acts as a natural insect repellent and disinfectant.
Can be used as a diluted pesticide and fertilizer for plants.

Ingredient: Citrus Peel, Jaggery, Soapnuts, and Water.

Shelf Life: 3 years

Your package preparation time: 2 days

Package Disposal: Reuse the bottle OR Wash, Dry the bottle and dispose with Dry waste to increase the chance of recycling

How to Use: Use as needed on floors and surfaces. For plant care, dilute appropriately before use.

Product Care: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.

Origin: India [Andhra Pradesh]

Packer Detail: Mother Nature Products [Flat-201, Shanmuka towers, Jayanthi nagar 3r lane, JKC College road, Guntur-522006, Andhra Pradesh, IN]

Manufacturer Detail: Mother Nature Products [2nd Floor, Flat No.201, Shanmukha Towers, Apple Bar And Restaurant, Jayanthi Nagar 3rd Line, JKC Collage Road, Guntur - 522006, Andhra Pradesh, IN ]

Weight: 500 ml

Return Policy: Non-Returnable